Swapping CPU & Mobo- Will software still work?

By LeonE
Dec 18, 2006
  1. Hi all

    My dad's PC is getting on a bit (it was built in 2000) and up until recently was running a completely virus/adware riddled install of Windows 98. I did a clean install of XP, and am now planning on fitting a new mobo and CPU.

    Should I anticipate any software/OS problems (i.e. they detect a different chipset and refuse to work)?
  2. K@izerSoze

    K@izerSoze TS Rookie

    Yes, you will experience some problems if the graphics and other onboard chipsets differ ( Sis vs Via etc ) You will either blue screen or windows just wont start. Best is to make backups and re-install windows. (In my humble opinion thats the way to go with hardware upgrades)
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