Sweex Broadband Router and D Link DSL 300 T...help needed if possible!

By mrchu
Dec 25, 2004
  1. I'm on BT Yahoo! 1 MB...I'd like to be able to distribute my connection accross the network...so I have bought a modem with an ethernet port so it can be connected to the router...problem is, I'm having NO luck whatsoever...I have successfully connected to my internet account using the modem, so I know its compatible...but I'm having trouble in getting the router to actually initiate the connection...strangely at the moment, the nearest I have to working is, the modem is connected to an ethernet port, and the modems DHCP server assigns ONE computer on the network an IP address (the IP address which my ISP assigns me)...and it works...for that one computer...I basically want to know if its possible to make the router and modem work together, through the WAN port (not a standard ethernet port...which is currently the only way I can get the router to see the modem) and have the routers DHCP server assign each computer on my network, its own IP, rather than the 'real' internet IP... .I'm skeptical about getting this combination of hardware to work, but anyone that can help...I owe you big time :)
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