Switching from ACPI to APM in 2k

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May 24, 2003
  1. Without reinstalling 2k, how can you switch from ACPI to APM since I know you just can't change the driver?

    Gigabyte GA-5AX (rev 3) with a Ali V chipset isn't compatable with 2k in the ACPI mode that I just found out.
    It cuts the FSB down by 50%
    Neither M$, Gigabyte or Ali have anything on this that I could find, but I did find it in a Google search suggested by someone else:

  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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  3. Tarkus

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    I don't think you can. I wasn't able to do it. Tried switching off ACPI once but I went back to using it. Had to reinstall twice in the process.
  4. Rick

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    It is possible and the link Mic provided has directions to do it. I have had it work on 4 different systems without any permanent problems.

    Please make sure you are comfortable with the Windows 2000 repair process before you do it though. :) Just as a precaution. Alternatively, there are other ways to deal with problems you might encounter when you change power manage layers.
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    yes, you change hardware abstraction layer. you do this by going into device manager and changing the driver for the computer as a whole from ACPI PC to standard PC I believe.
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    Well, yes you can change it, but I remember my computer not working after I tried it. It's been a couple years so my memory is a bit foggy, heh, my memory is a bit foggy after a few days.
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    I used to change mine to several different settings on a regular basis since I was on a duallie with a Creative sound card. There is constant crackling with Duallies and SMP machines so I would have to change it to uniprocessor when I wanted to play some games without all that noise. I tried several of the different settings and never had a problem with it - but maybe I just had really good luck with it. I did it the way Phantasm66 described it.

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