Symantec 8.0: Create Image -> Virtual Partition Error

By mmX
Aug 1, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I've been messing around with this for too long, and can't find any help from Symantec. I do think I've done something silly or just plain dumb to cause my problem.

    I've been using Ghost for awhile now, and never had any problems. We got in a slew of new Gateways and I can't create images of them. I install the client manually on my model computer, and then hop on the ghost server to make my image. In the Ghost Console I make a create image task, point to the desired computer, make a new image file for it, check my sysprep settings, and get ready to rock.
    Then, I get this error: "There are machines in the task that may use the Virtual Partition but do not have a valid template." Then something about "it may fail", and it sure does. Now... I think I'm missing something simple here. I want to use the Virtual Partition, because I'm running everything off the console, but I know not what template it refers to.
    The new computers don't have floppy drives, so I'm turning to a BartPE disk if I can't get this to work over the network. But, I'd /really/ like it to.

    Thanks -mmX
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