Symantec Ghost error msg.

By vonnymcd13
Jan 2, 2005
  1. Hi I am definately out of my league here I am not a computer head I wish I were but it is over my head. Regardless I am trying to help my sister w/her system I have managed to learn how to reinstall an os but w/her situation I am at a loss. She has an E-Machine and as soon as we get to the part where it is suppose to be reformatting her HD it comes up w/a screen that says Symantec Ghost error, now it's suppose to say symantec but this ghost error won't let us do anything. I am assuming this is a worm or a virus of some sort. Is there anything I can do to help as she cannot get online so I am her link to the computer world. The exact error msg she is getting is: cannot open R../t2085.ghost apllication error 11.000 invalid dump file I would appreciate any help on this as I am way over my head here. Thanks for your time.
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