By ajmac88
May 8, 2007
  1. Hi, i Have 2 computers in my room, and i'm thinking about hooking them up using synergy so i can control all 4 monitors ( each had 2), and control all 4 monitors with one mouse and keyboard. Does anyone know if Synergy has the option to add another mouse and keyboard to the system. Or at least a nother keyboard, because im not sure how it would work with another mouse, but if you can attach a mouse is it a shared pointer or how does that work? Thanks
  2. Tedster

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    Try using a KVM.
  3. halo71

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    hummm, this looks like an interesting program! I may try to use it at work instead of having to hassle with a stupid KVM switch. Not sure how I could make it work with 2 PC's on separate networks! But why would you want or need to add an additional keyboard or mouse? From looking at the synergy site, you dont really need to do that.
  4. ajmac88

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    lol me and my friend wanna hook up our computers beside each other and be able to use each others computers, lol. Sounds like a dumb idea i guess now when i type it, but it seemed cool when we thought of it and still wanna do it! lol, and judging by second post im guessing KVT isnt gunna be better than synergy. Across two different networks, thats definently interesting. I think it probably IS possible, but not at work, you would have to ask your network admin to allow the service on the port that synergy uses if your going to have a synergy server on one computer, and get the client on the other computer to connect, since you are leaving one network and entering anohter. But im sure if both networks are work networks im sure theres some way ur admin could set that up for you, let me know how that goes please :)
    -still posing the original question if ne one knows let me know :)
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