sysaudio crash - panda and Adaware unusable

By jungle1268
Sep 25, 2007
  1. Since a few days I received many spyware alerts from my Panda and Ad Aware and SuperAntispyware (is it good???), but everything was going well. A couple of days ago I started receiving an error from Realtech Audio Console that crashed at start up, but I fix it unselecting it as I've got a Sound Blaster Card. This afternoon, when I was doing a new scan with my Panda Antivirus and my Ad Aware, everything freezed and it came this error.

    SYSAUDIO.SYS CRASH 0X0000007E 0XC0000005 0XBACF3998 0XBACF3694

    sysaudio B8D7BF77 base at B8D720000 datestamp 41107fia

    I started the XP in safe mode and i launched panda and ad aware but now everything is not working, they open but it seems that they do not work.

    Attached you can find my hijack.

    any help is well appreciated!!!

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