System Crash - coming into and out of games

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I am getting a reproducible system crash.

When it occurs, it is always getting into or getting out of a game, while the game is running. The three games that this has happened on are Worms Armageddon, America’s Army, and the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo.

It always seems to occur when

1. I am minimizing the game, in the game, and trying to come back to Windows.
2. I am trying to get back into the game after I do #1 (while the game is still running).
*I am not sure 1 and 2 happen 100% of the time, but very, very often.
3. When I am exiting the game and coming back to Windows.
*3 does not happen every time.

It always occurs during the transition, (when the screen is flipping to the game or to Windows)

I can do the following and it will crash every time.
1. Start America’s Army
2. At the main menu I will then press the Windows-icon button on the keyboard. This brings me back to Windows.
3. Then I click on the Americas Army tab in the taskbar.
4. The screen goes black, like its getting into the game, but then immediately it crashes and restarts.

After it reboots, Windows gives me the critical error message and says that “A device driver may have caused this problem”.

This happened before I updated the graphics driver and after I downloaded the latest driver.

My computer is a brand new Hp pavilion a850e. Here are the specs.

HP Pavilion a850e customizable Desktop PC
- Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional with SP2
- AMD Athlon(TM) 64 3400+ operating at 2.4GHz
- 512 MB DDR / PC3200 (1 DIMM)
- FREE UPGRADE from 80 to 160GB SATA Hard Drive
- $50 UPGRADE! LightScribe DL 16X DVD +/-R/RW drive
- 1 USB 2.0, 1 Firewire, 9-in-1 card reader + WinDVD
- 3.5 in. 1.44MB Floppy Drive
- 128MB DDR NVIDIA GeForceFX(TM) 5200XT, TV-Out
- Integrated 5.1 Capable Sound w/ front audio ports
- HP Internet Keyboard, HP Scroller Mouse
- Microsoft(R) Works 7.0/Money 2004/MSN Encarta Plus
- hpshopping in-box envelope

Here is the monitor.
HP Pavilion V72C 17" Monitor

Running DirectX 9.0c

I also have the Norton firewall and Antivirus installed, but there is no difference when they are enabled or disabled.

Any help is appreciated.
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