System failed to boot

By abhi1777
Nov 13, 2007
  1. Hi guys
    I want to ask you about a problem faced by me in the morning today. When I was working with my pc, electricity in my house went off and because of UPS backup i was able to shutdown my pc.........But during shutdown process my pc hanged and i had to turned it off by using power off button in my CPU cabinet..........When i returned back on it to work i saw that my pc failed to start. I tried to start it a couple of times but failed.........It just light up one time and does not boot........Actually the procedure of booting in my pc is that it was set at "stay off" in the bios so when i start my pc it first detects the devices and then i have to press power on button in my cpu cabinet...........So this time when I applied the same procedure it failed to start and does not showed any error or beeps nothing...........I then checked my power supply cord at the back of the cabinet and tightened it..........At last it worked and my pc starts and works fine after that.................Now my question is that "Is it any possibility that my processor or Motherborad has some problem" and whether it can bother me in future?????Plz guide me??????????

    PC Specification

    Intel DG965Ry
    Core 2 duo E6320 1.86 ghz
    1 gb ddr2 kingsten
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    If it`s all working now,then it`s unlikely you`ve damaged anything motherboard related..

    The worst that can have happened is a few errors on the hard drive.

    You can run chkdisk.See HERE
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