system failure after defrag

By cbeaudet
Jun 7, 2007
  1. is it possible that the disk defragmenter built into windows corruped system files? i did a defrag, and left it alone and when i came back there was a blue screen that said that there had been a system failure/error and that windows had been shut down. it said to make sure all new hardware is installed and updated (it is) and to remove any uninstalled hardware (none). i started my computer a few hours later after this message and it was slow. then the same error came up. i restarted the computer and the disk was checked and it restored alot of files and now the problem is fixed. is it possible that my defragmenter corrupted files?'

    also: i did a spyware removal yesterday. i got malware called spylock and i know that it was bogus and i also got the system alert popup and i knew that was spyware. i had a problem with this on my other computer before...i dont think the removal had any effect on my computer. it was fine yesterday (after removal).
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    Sounds more like your HD is on it's way out, hence the file structure was failing, the disk check has restored the files but I would backup anything important and then download the manufacturers test tool for the drive and run a full test on it, if it reports OK then think yourself lucky and plod on, if it finds any errors then its time for a new HD.

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