system freeze on boot

By nate555
Nov 23, 2006
  1. hello

    P4 2.8ghz
    brand new GA-8VM800M-775 motherboard
    2 512 ram
    fx 5200 graphics card

    i just got a new motherboard to replace the old one which was giving tremenous trouble.
    but when i start the computer up, it goes through the testing ram etc. and then either freezes there for a few seconds and shuts down, or freezes on windows boot and shuts down...
    need a bit of help thanx
  2. Ididmyc600

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    If your running XP ,2K or NT and the replacement motherboard is different to the one that failed , then you will need to reinstall the OS, this is because NT based products such as 2K XP build a list of the installed Hardware when the OS is installed, if there is then a major change to the hardware it will fail to boot.

    There are opinions that an inplace Upgrade or over the top install will cure it but most have little success with these and the best option is to reinstall, if there is data on the drive that you require then your options are to buy a 2nd harddrive and install the OS on that then slave the old one up and copy the data from it, any programs that you installed will have to be reinstalled as these cannot just be copied over, or use a partition manager to create a 2nd partition on the drive and install to that.

  3. nate555

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    i managed to erase the windows partition but before it any further than the mem testing.. i was able to get into bios and check the health status the processer went from 60 degrees celcius to 88 degrees, in a matter of like 10 seconds...
    before i put the cpu fan back on a put some thermal jel, (arctic silver 5) not too much on. and made sure the fan was best secured... it didnt move when i pushed it around a bit. as one of the clips had snaped but i was still able to get it tight.
    any suggestions?
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