System Freezes without cd in drive

By epic099 ยท 4 replies
Mar 19, 2005
  1. :hotbounce What I would like to do to my system> :knock:


    CD Burner
    DVD Burner
    4 drives Raid 1+0 (Promise)
    MB = Chaintech Duel AMD
    OS = XP Pro sp2
    1 gig ram

    The problem is my computer will freeze if there is not a cd in both drives. It can be any cd even blank. If I boot without a cd in the drives. The system with boot thru login but won't load all the way. I have un-installed both drives many times. I do have the master/slave configured correcttly. I have update anything and everything I can update.

  2. epic099

    epic099 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any thoughts??????
  3. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Replace the IDE cable(s)

    Try replacing the IDE cable. That's one of the weirdest things I've ever heard. Change the BIOS settings for the secondary drives (to anything different - like auto/CD-DVD) Good luck.
  4. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I think your Raid Array is whacked..but i cant prove it..;)
  5. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    what happens when you remove drives all together
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