System lagging

By asx
Feb 13, 2006
  1. Since a few weeks, once in a while my system is start lagging when im watching a video (xvid). I tried with WMP10/WMP7.2 or Powerdvd even bs player...Update my video/audio driver...also have the lasted version of the xvid codec... If im opening my task manager i have a process call "system" which will take like 20-30% of the cpu. I check my cpu temp (50deg) and my MB temp (30deg).

    P4 3.2 540
    Asus P5AD2-Deluxe
    1gb DDR2 533 dual
    Ati X700 256 pro PCIX
    2xraptor 37gb
    4x300gb maxtor 16mb
    Zalman fan
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