System lockout -- XP pro requires password to start when none has been setup

By RFWells
Mar 31, 2007
  1. Since yesterday morning I have been unable to log-on to my user accounts. A password is demanded. I have been using the same setup for many months and have never set passwords for either of the 2 accounts on this computer.

    When I press the enter key with no password entered, an error message reads: "The system cannot log you on now because the domain ROGER is not available" (roger is the computer name shown on the system properties window which also confirms that I am operating a Workgroup and not a domain. All other networked computers are setup as part of this workgroup)

    No other computers in the system have either a log-on or a network problem.

    I can log-on to this computer in safe mode without networking and have confirmed that no password has been set.

    I then set a password and successfully used it to log-on in safe mode.

    In normal mode, I still get the same error message even after entering the new password. The password hint returns the correct information, and therefore, seems to have been recorded correctly.

    In safe mode with network I can log on and access the internet. I can also access all other computers and files in my network, including shared folders on the problem computer.

    System restore does not work and I cannot go back to any other set points (this is another problem that I have always had with this computer)

    This problem occurred after an automatic reboot following an unattended automatic software update from Microsoft, but because system restore is not working, I cannot go back to an earlier configuration.

    Short of performing a complete XP reinstall, I have run out of ideas.

    Any suggestions please.

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