System Loses Network Connection - Event Id 1003

By efultz
Jun 15, 2007
  1. I have a Windows XP machine that is losing access to the network. When this happens I think it is a hardware problem. We saw a message about primary drive 0 not available. when I logged in there was a message about recovering from a serious error. The following shows in the system event log:

    Error code 0000007a, parameter1 c03e191c, parameter2 c000000e, parameter3 f8647384, parameter4 11949860.

    The event id is 1003 with the source as System Error. Initial thoughts seem to suggest possible problem with the hard drive. this machine has needed a reboot at least 5 times in the past couple of hours.

    The error signature (which means nothing to me) is:
    BCCode : 7a BCP1 : C03E191C BCP2 : C000000E BCP3 : F8647384
    BCP4 : 11949860 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

    I don't want to cry hardware problem if the issue is something else. Thoughts?

    I have attached the mini dump in case someone knows how to read this.
  2. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    Yeah, it's a hard drive error.

    1. Check the HDD cable, or try another one if possible.
    2. Redo the pagefile. Instructions (second half of page), run chkdsk /r before rebooting.

    ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000000e - A device which does not exist was specified.
    DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardware
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