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Jul 26, 2006
  1. Hi there. I have a problem with the pc and need some professional help if possible.

    Lately, for the last ~3 days, when i switch on the pc, i doesnt go to the desktop/logon screen but remains a black screen like there's no signal into the monitor (blinking green monitor led)

    To be able to go to the dekstop the first time i did a system restore and it worked, another time i chose "boot the last know good configuration" and worked up to the desktop.

    Today it was i think the worst till now. When i switched on the pc after some seconds i hear the pc restart (the screen is still black) and looped with the restart until i switched the pc off. After some tries it switched on normally, but did the same thing as mentioned before (black screen). I rebooted and chose "boot the last know good configuration" and it went to the desktop.

    Windows XP Pro is installed on the IDE HDD. THe system was formatted some 3 weeks to a month ago. It was fine until now :/

    My system is:

    P4 Prescot 3Ghz s478
    Asrock P4VT8+
    Seagate Barracuda 80GB IDE 7200.7
    Maxtor Diamond Max 10 Sata 160GB
    512x2 TakeMS RAM
    500W Rocketeer PSU
    Gainward 6600GT 256mb AGP
    DVD Reader & CDRW

    Hope someone will help me solve this prob :(

    Thanks in advance
  2. iss

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    YOu have a hardware problem. first likely suspect would be the hard drive itself. Download and run your hard drive makers diagnostic tools. the second likely suspect would be the ram. Download and run memtest.
  3. DfraGG3r

    DfraGG3r TS Rookie Topic Starter

  4. DfraGG3r

    DfraGG3r TS Rookie Topic Starter

    These were the results with seagate tools. It found a probs with the index. Afterwards i runned a full checkdisk. TIll now it booted fine, but will check the system tomorrow after a long period switched off. Thanks for the help

    Timer Resolution: 0.000122
    Long Test Begin: 26-Jul-2006 16:43:25
    Cable Test - 0 Errors
    Buffer Test - 0 Errors
    Identify Data
    Model Number: ST380011A
    Serial Number: 3JV5XVYR
    Firmware Revision: 3.06
    Default CHS: 16383-16-63
    Current CHS: 16383-16-63
    Current Capacity: 16514064 Sectors
    Total Capacity: 156301488 Sectors
    Conductor Cable Reported
    ID Method: Jumper
    SMART Enabled
    SMART Check: Passed
    Full Scan (0 to 156301488) - Passed
    Elapsed Time: 37.60 Minutes
    Estimated Internal Transfer Rates
    Min: 34.93Mb/s Max: 427.87Mb/s Avg: 297.50Mb/s
    Long Test Passed: 26-Jul-2006 17:21:03
    SMART Disabled


    Diagnostic Results:

    File Structure Test Result:

    Partition 1 (NTFS (47.8 GB) ) Result: Failed with critical Errors

    The following errors were found while scanning the volume:
    - One or more errors were found in the index

    NOTE: Any report of possible errors in the file system tests are for
    informational purposes only. We suggest you should consider testing with
    the official file system diagnostic utilities for your operating system.
    Seagate is not able to assist with troubleshooting or reviewing
    file system test results.


    If you are not experiencing data loss and SeaTools reports File
    System Structure errors, they may be caused by a lock-up or
    failure to shutdown Windows correctly. Many times, these errors
    may be repaired through normal system maintenance which
    includes using the Windows provided "Defrag" and
    "Scandisk / Chkdsk / Error Checking" utilities.

    If you are experiencing a hardware error, you should isolate
    the cause and replace the failing component. If you are unsure how
    to proceed with repairs, contact a computer professional. After
    completing any maintenance tasks, run SeaTools again to
    verify that all errors have been repaired. If errors continue to
    occur, the system may not be stable. Again, contact a computer
  5. iss

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    If you just reformatted last week and that is the result you are getting with the diagnostic tools then your hard drive is probably dying. You had better plan on getting a new one.
  6. DfraGG3r

    DfraGG3r TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As such i have only the OS and software installations on that HDD, the important stuff is on the Sata HDD.

    Can it be that windows did a one time fault and corrupted that certain part? cos seagate are known for hdd longevity and this hdd was in this pc for about ~3 years. Also i tried HDDLife, which tells you the percentage life of the hdd and there was 67%, which is fine i think. the prog said it was fine too.
  7. iss

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    if you want to be sure try a repair install of windows. but personally, I dont think that is going to make a difference. Seagates are excellent drives I have ones that are still running fine after 5 years, but there are always exceptions.
  8. DfraGG3r

    DfraGG3r TS Rookie Topic Starter

    uptil now, when i made the scan disk/ checkdisk after the bootup, the pc logged normally. ill wait till tomorrow to be sure if the problem persists. I wil lswitch off the PC tonight and see if it turns on normally in the morning.

    Thx, tomorow will post with what happened, wish it has been fixed though
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