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Aug 17, 2004
  1. I recently used my system recovery CDs for my HP Pavilion in an effort to clean out my computer, get back to the factory settings, and make it go faster. It turns out this was a pretty big mistake.
    The whole process was going good up until I put in the 3rd recovery CD. At the file "BASE_17" (I forgot what type of file it was -- I will check again later if it is necessary), the computer stopped reading from the CD and a message came up saying "Could not recover BASE_17" with my options being Abort and Retry. I retried a few times with no sucess. The abort option restarts the computer, and brings it back to the beginning of the system recovery process, beginning this cycle again. If i try to start it without going to system recovery, it says there is no operating system and it cant start, so it brings me back to the system recovery process, where it once again stops on CD #3.

    Anybody have any idea on what I can do now to fix this?? Right now my computer wont start and it is looking like I will need to purchase a new one.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. StormBringer

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    Sounds to me like CD3 is either dirty, defective, or damaged. Try cleaning it, if that doesn't help then call HP and try to get another if you are still under warranty. If you are out of warranty you can format the drive and install the OS of your choice, just remember to go to HP's site to get drivers since they do use many proprietary devices.
  3. ratfinkb

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    i got a new set of recovery cds and everythings good now.
    thanks a lot.
  4. Phantasm66

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    That must be so terrifying. To have a mishap with a CD and basically be faced with what you think (and might be for you) the prospect of buying a new PC.

    You should NEVER buy a new PC. Even if you didn't get the recovery disk from someone, we would guide you through reinstalling from a Windows XP CD and installing all drivers, etc.
  5. sw123

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    I know this thread is a little old and this is outdated but from what Phantasm said, I think sometimes its the cheaper choice to buy a new PC(sometimes it takes $600 to fix something, but you can get a computer thats twice as good for $400 and have the option to recover your old data by taking it out and putting it in the new system) So i sometimes disagree with what Phantasm said. But sometimes, its good to fix it if you spend only about $20-$30 instead of changing settings in BIOS.
  6. mgriebe

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    HP Recovery CDS Available

    A warm hello to all the boards. I know a lot of people have a hard time finding the old outdated or out of stock HP Compaq Recovery CDS. A good resource for finding them is:
  7. mgriebe

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    HP Compaq Recovery CD Sets

    HP Recovery Kits are specific to the individual hp model.
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