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By charlie muffin
Oct 15, 2007
  1. Hello

    Thanks for the help this site has provided to date.

    I posted a thread 2 days ago regarding a nasty little virus which I think i've now got rid of.
    It has made me realise that my free stuff may need supporting with something a little more bombproof.
    I've got a SKY Broadband account which comes equipped with 12 months free MacAfee, and i've got a Clean Up folder containing Ad-Aware, CC Cleaner, SpyBot Search and Destroy and Spyware Blaster.
    Can someone direct me to the sort of requirement i need to make my laptop more secure as these obviously didn't stop the virus from interfering with my systems.
    I have just started getting the following message from MacAfee Security Center: Your Computor is not protected.
    Not sure if this means i've disabled something i need to turn back on?

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    Was the McAfee Anti-virus program kept updates and did you scan with it regularly?

    Do you open mail from senders you don't know or with questionable subjects? Do you open attachments that you aren't expecting and/or don't know what they are?

    Do you click on pop-ups on web sites? All of these things affect security and user habits must practice safe surfing. If that isn't done, then no amount of security will keek the system clean.
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