System Setting dont get saved???

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Apr 6, 2007
  1. hi there, have a small problem.
    it seems that every time i restart my system, all the settings i make on windows are lost. eg. the monitor refresh rate is turned back to 60hz from 70hz that i set. the network settings get lost also for my shared connection with other computer. also a shared folder needs to be setup again after every restart.

    any ideas what is causing this?

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  3. mke

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    thanx for that. btw any ideas why this happened on the first time? i mean the system is fresh formatted and on first restart i noticed this.
  4. mke

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    well hello again. seems that after the restart, the settings still didnt get saved.
    why on earth is it still happening ????

    and yes globalewarming12 i agree to help reduce any lethal emitions being sent to the atmosphere and reduce any unwanted energy we use, so be a good lad and turn ur pc off :)
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  6. mke

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    hi there. tried the above post aswell but i had no luck. disk pass chkdsk /, but still whenever i restart the settings dont get saved. i mean what is going on? never had this problem again or ever seen it.
    any advice?
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    Well, sorry! The registry fix worked for me.

    I am out of ideas.

  8. CraigMc

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    Have you checked the event logs for any spurious errrors? It could be a driver failure that is forcing the use of the old controlset - i.e. the one before you made changes. It's a long shot, but its a possibility. You could also check to make sure you have the most recent drivers for all your hardware etc.

    The only other thing I can think of right now is that somehow your computer is using mandatory profiles - which is unusual to say the least for a clean install!

    With "show hidden files and folders" option checked, and "hide extensions for known filetypes" unchecked, take a look in c:\documents and settings\%user profile% for, if the file exists then rename it to ntuser.dat - of course you'll need to be logged in to a seperate administrative account to be able to do this.

    Have you tried creating a seperate user account and logging into that to make your screen resolution changes etc to see if all users are affected by the same issue?

    Just a few random thoughts :)
  9. mke

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    hi there, thanks for the reply. the drivers/software/hardware am using are all tested, since am using them over 1 year with no problem. i just had a fresh install a week ago to have a clean system.
    anyhow. in regards the ntuser.dat file, it exists in 3 hidden folders, (Default user, LocalService and Network Service) and my own user name. However all of them have different size, eg. 250kb, 256kb for the three hidden and my own user has a massive 6,144KB. could that be the problem? On default user there is no entry of this file. Its name was ntuser.dat not

    anyhow. back later
  10. CraigMc

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    No, that's normal. NTuser.dat will increase in size along with your profile. Not a mandatory profile problem then :)

    That just leaves testing under a separate user account to see if the same problem occurs, it could be a corruption in your user profile.
  11. mke

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    hi there, a bit late i answer this :) anyway. it seems that on new user account it saves everything and specifically the shares and monitor refresh rate. on my primary "problematic" account it doesnt. The thing is that i cant simple switch as main account has many settings on it, as its 6,144KB, instead of 250KB of the new one.
    Any recommendations what is the next logical step? is there anyway of fixing this profile?

    also on another note, i noticed that sometimes (1 out of 10) my system when restarted, it hangs when the windows startup screen/bar appears. only way around this is to reset pc and restart which seems to load then everything fine. could this relate to the profile thing?

    anyhow thanks again

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