System sounds and volume control icon is gone ...

By uNreal
Jun 23, 2006
  1. Hey. I've already had this problem and the only solution I found was to reinstall Windows, but this time, as it has happened to me again, I have no wish to install everything again...
    Last time I watched some movie and it was lagging and stuttering hard so I uninstalled Divx/Xvid codecs and Windows Media Player (actually, rolled back to the old version). And after that the system sounds are gone, i do have sounds in games/winamp/windows media player, but i dont have them in applications like Ventrilo, where it says that some codec is missing and i cant talk with the microphone ... if i go to audio settings, in the sounds area where i can test sounds that go with different commands, the "play" button is greyed out , but i can play these files with winamp/wmp. This time i just encountered some lagging in all my videos and foolishly reinstalled these codecs and WMP... and got this problem again.
    And unfortunately my System Restore was turned OFF...
    I would gladly appreciate any help or tips on how to restore the audio codecs / system sounds ! thanks

    PS: also the volume control icon in the system tray is gone
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