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System way too fast!

By ohappydayz ยท 4 replies
Nov 17, 2004
  1. Hey, I'v just got a new PC, with SocketA M825 mobo, plus i had an extra graphics card (256 radeon) put in to run dual display. I put on XP, office etc, & everything was fine... until suddenly i booted up to find my windows clock running at approx 1 min per 4 seconds! Programs run fine, but too fast, for instance, powerpoint slides fly past... what do I do? is this a prob on the motherboard, graphics or what??
    Any help appreciated
  2. ShannanCarlock

    ShannanCarlock TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Dude, thats strange. I sure one of the gurus around here would know something more precise, but, I am going to suggest running an antivirus program and a spyware remover of some sort. It sounds like you have a virus/pest type program that has come in either a worm or trojan form and is jacking with your system. Are you running a firewall? If not get one. Sygate and Kerio have free versions and grisoft has a free version of AVG antivirus that is quite capable. Go to www.pcworld.com to look for spyware removers. There are a few free ones and some trial versions that may fix what is wrong. I highly recommend Spybot 1.3 - Free and very useful. Hope this helps.
  3. ohappydayz

    ohappydayz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    chiz 4 help, but...

    appreciate the help - its my other pc, so never been connected to internet. gone to the bios to check time - seemed fine. I run Kerio & cyberscrub & spy cleaner 1.3 on my internet pc already, so I could throw them on the poorly machine... but it's got me confused. & no help anywhere on the Mobo website or doing a google on it.
    Aie, most people would want more speed...
  4. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    You would get more help if you filled in your 'hardware profile '
    In the meantime , since your system was running.Try backing out of Apps that you were loading one at a time and use a registry cleaner after each item , then test .
    Can you get to safe mode?
  5. ShannanCarlock

    ShannanCarlock TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Do you have it networked with the other computer? Could've gotten something that way or a virus could've been put on there from software that was installed from one machine to another. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but, it sounds malichious in nature so I am thinking virus first just to rule out a possible easy fix. Cleaning the registry could remove something that may be conflicting.

    What do you think, Liquidlen?
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