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System will not boot past detecting RAID array

By Csjunkie18
Aug 8, 2005
  1. Well here is my problem. I am running a gigabyte k8ns ultra 939 with bio versions f8 the latest, with a amd 64 4000 and with 2 raptor drives and a 120 gb seagte sata drive. With a 6800 ultra 256mb with nv silencer. I have 1 gig of ocz 3200 dual channel platinum edition running in my system as of now. However i bought another gig dual channel kit it has the same cas latency settings of 2-3-2-5 the only difference between the one gig set of 2x 512 moduels is the housing one uses a more rescent housing set of heatsinks due to the fact this memory was bought 3 weeks ago adn my origional gig was bought back in April or so. Now the system runs smooth and perfectly but when i put in the gig of memory to increase to 2 gigs it shows up in bios no problem then it goes to deteting aray and detects my draid drives no problem it should go to the verifying dmi pool data then to xp boot screen but it stays at the detecting raid array instead of moving i have updated my bios and have the latest drivers i am unsure what the problem is. My manual states nothing about any problems when all four dimms are full just when 3 dimms are full it states it wont boot but since i am using all 4 dimms it should boot the mobo is capable of max of 4gigs of memory. If someone could please help me it would be much appreciated. If you need any more details feel free to email me, i really do no want to throw the other gig of memory away and stay with just 1 gig of memory.
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