System will not work in new case (Problems)

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Oct 23, 2004
  1. have just bought a new case. i have replaced all the components from my old computer to the case, and also a new hard drive. when i switch on it does the memory count and then when that has done it says WAIT... . Then nothing after, i cant get into the bios either so it can detect the HD. i reckon it might somethint do with the PSU i am no really sure, is there a specific way to connect the psu cabling to the floppy drive, hard drive and DVD rom drive, as i reckon it might be something to do with that

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  2. Tarkus

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    it sounds like it's at the point it's determining what's on the ATA cables. could you have them on upside down? the power connectors are pretty simple, although you possibly can get the floppy power cable on backwards on some floppy drives.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    Make absolutely sure that your mobo is not making any false contacts with the chassis of the case, and that there are only mobo-supports at those places, where you can put a screw through it to fix the mobo.
    As Tarkus said, check that the red markings at one side of the HD-, DVDDRom- and floppy- flat-cables are on the side of the connector (on drives AND mobo) that has pin 1.

    Make sure that the original HD where you booted from, is also the Master on IDE-1 in the new PC. Check that the new HD, also on IDE-1, (still unformatted I guess) is set to Slave with the little jumpers at the back of it.
    Your DVD-rom should be set to Master on IDE-2.

    Maybe you need to also set a jumper on your Master-HD on IDE-1 to tell it that there is a second HD (slave) present
  4. foad

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    all the power is workin now all it is, is now is the hard drive. when you boot up it does the normal post and finds floppy and dvd rom drives but when it comes to the hard driv it says 'auto detecting master ide connection, pres F4 to abort' or something like that. this satys like this for ages and i say it is probably frozen becasue wheni pressed f4 to abort nothin happened. ive talked to thr people and they hav said it mite be that the hard drive it too big for the mothrbord as the mothrbord it 4 years old. (ms-5182)
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    Fill in your profile (in "User CP" at top left of this page) so we han see what stuff you have in your PC.
    That mobo may not like HDs over 32 GB, set a jumper on that HD if you can to limit it to 32GB.
  6. vegasgmc

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    I had a similar problem once and it was caused by the I/O shiled. It wasnt in straight and was touching one of the ports.
  7. If the jumper on your HD is set on CS then it needs to go on the end of the ribbon in the master position. :D
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