Take a look at MSI's $600 gaming foot pedal


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In a nutshell: Foot pedals for your PC aren't something new: there are plenty of high-quality options available for those who love their driving sims. This one from MSI, however, is a little different. The Liberator gaming pedal appears to have been designed with traditional games in mind, such as FPS titles and RPGs.

As reported by XFastest (via Tom's Hardware), the peripheral is being crowdfunded and expected to debut on March 16. A post translated from Chinese on its Facebook page gives you an idea of what to expect:

"This must pass, I can anti-kill, the opposite character is stronger... No more bronze, you need more insane electro-racing clothes! Unprecedented electrical pedal, freeing your super-gods."

While that no doubt illustrates the difficulty Google has when translating from Chinese, MSI's Facebook post and the Liberator's Typeform page reveals more details than "RGB electrical rush light, under the tibetan table can't stop the temper."

The Liberator boasts plenty of RGB lighting, naturally, and features sensors on either side of the footwell for moving right and left in games—or you can program macro commands for performing other tasks, such as keyboard shortcuts or moving through music tracks.

Elsewhere, there's a detachable braided cable, an adjustable slider for different foot sizes, and the ability to link up to four Liberators together.

While the Liberator is positioned as a way of complimenting standard keyboard/mouse setups, it could be a welcomed product for those with accessibility issues; there are already similar PC pedals designed for the same purpose. While these are nowhere near as advanced as the Liberator, they're a lot cheaper: the MSI pedal's "early bird" offer costs 2,790 yuan (around $429), while the final product will be 3,900 yuan ($600), putting it in graphics card-pricing territory.

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I’d buy one actually. But not for that much. I mean what else am I going to do with all this money I’ve been paid for the last 12 months that I haven’t been able to spend? At this rate by the time I’m allowed to go on holiday again il be at the airport wearing a monocle and a diamond tipped cane.


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RGB lighting on your foot, which even on their promo image is fully under the table out of sight. I guess gamers really need to let their gamer roaches eating their gamer leftover doritos on their floor they're gamers by having RGB.

Sorry but all this does is makes me think this isn't a serious product, at all.


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I've got my $15 foot pedal that I use for "push to talk" on Discord, that's about all I need under my desk at the moment. With all that sensor tech and range of motion on the foot in the MSI product, I'd be afraid of fidgeting while playing and royally messing myself up.

And, seriously... Option to hook up to 4 of those units up together? Yah, I'm sure when I have an extra $2400 just laying around, the first thing I'll think is "I need a bunch of foot pedals jammed under my desk!"