Tales of the Destructive DVD burner

By Plague
Jan 3, 2006
  1. So I have myself a Sony dw-d22a dvd burner, and it's worked fine for a year or so, a bit slow at spinup and burn, but it's done the job until recently where it's taken up the habit of destroying my dvdr's during burning.

    An image of 2 disk samples.

    Now, I know the Song dw-d22a is really a Liteon 1633S.
    The specifics! The firmware is Bys3, but after this issue started I tried crossflashing it to a DRU-710A BYX5 (also a liteon 1633S) which worked fine (the led even turns red when burning now and it runs/spins up faster) however the disk eating still persists. It can read the other disks just fine. The disks I'm using are Memorex and Staples brand DVD+R's and I've burned using alcohaul120% and nero, both taking advantage of "powerburn!."

    Systems specs:
    AMD64 3800+ (venice)
    1024 megs of ram (coursair)
    geforce 6600 (256 ram)
    Win2k service pack whatever (latest)

    So what is causing this problem? Is the drive bad?
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