taskbar hang at start up

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i recently been having this problem...
when i start my com and goes into window after it load a while but not finish (sometimes when it load finish) the taskbar will be hanged...
like u cannot click the start buttom or see the taskbar icon at the left side of the click...(i mean when u point at it no names or desprtion come out)

can anyone tell me how to slove this?

i went to shc ot format my com but after installing a UT client 4 from sch i get this problem again...btw i get this problem after i install the ut client...so is there any way to check if it is the cause for the problem?
i tried uninstalling it after that and the problem still happens...how do i fix this?

pls reply asap thx i need to use my laptop in sch...T.T


It looks like the program you've installed is causing explorer to hang on start up. Try searching for an updated version of the program.
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its the lastest version for that programme...dam....wat should i do...=.=
stupid sch

and after i uninstalled the programme the problem still exist...wat should i do?
how do i find a fix for that?

i can only play with my com for 2-3 minutes before it hang after loading the window..=.=


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Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Give this a try. I`m assuming you`re running Windows XP/ME.

Boot into safe mode, under your normal user name(NOT THE ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT). See how HERE.

Then, try system restore to before your problem appeared.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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i dun think i can log in using my user name...i tried that and it cant...cuz i think its under a domin my sch created...so they can upload installation files into our com without asking....dam them

btw how can i find out what is the cause for the hang of my taskbar?
it is 100% that the taskbar will hang every time i on my com and load into window and after the taskbar hang i cannot use my com anymore... T.T


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A quick fix would be to end the explorer process and restart it. Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Processes. Right click explorer.exe, end it. File>New task, type in explorer.exe and OK it. Other than that, i have no idea.
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