Taskbar Problems

By nobel1409
Aug 2, 2006
  1. I have a pc that is currently using win98. the windows I have open no longer appear on the taskbar, there is plenty of room but it only displays the current window I am working in. I have to close that window and the last active window is behind it. How do I get back to where all the open windows appear on the taskbar. Thanks
  2. Rick

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    There's different parts of the task bar referred to as 'Toolbars'. In addition to running processes, there's also quick launch, task tray, links, etc...

    Your task bar should always be able to show you open programs. Chances are, this section of your bar has been adjusted in such a way there's barely any space to show the open task buttons.

    In the image below, you'll notice the little || after the Start button. You can click on this, hold the mouse button down and drag it over. Every toolbar on your task bar is adjustable by clicking and dragging its ||

    Try moving around the different || that appear on your task bar and see if you can adjust it to give you more space for your open program buttons.
  3. kitty500cat

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    I'm not sure if this will work or not, but anyway, here it is. Open task manager and end the process explorer (I'm not sure how you do it in Win98). then open explorer.exe from task manager. See if this clears it up, or if it's something else. Have you tried restarting?
  4. nobel1409

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    Rick, I did try adjusting the toolbar space. There was plenty of space for the open programs but, it still would only display the active program I was using at the time and I would have to x out of it to display the previous open program that is still running.
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