Team Fortress 2 will be the Oculus Rift's first official game

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Team Fortress 2 will be the first official game to support the Oculus Rift according to Valve programmer Joe Ludwig. The company is planning to release an update that will allow gamers to play in VR mode sometime within the...

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TS Addict
If only I could afford a Rift.... A minimum wage cashier at Wendy's does not satisfy a gamer's thirst. :D


TS Maniac
I was sooo looking forward to Doom 3 BFG on rift :(

I hope they do HL2 and HL2 Episodes following... give new life to the games.

Come on ID Software let's get that BFG out, and perhaps Bethesda will give us some Skyrim... I can dream.