Tearing issues with Geforce2 mx 400

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Jul 30, 2003
  1. My image on my screen is tearing, it feels like vsync isn't enabled or something. It's driving me nuts, and it's especially noticeable in 2D games. I have a 1ghz Athlon processor on WinME with 312mb of SDRAM. In the display properties, I've enabled vsync on the OpenGL settings, but the image still tears (there is no option to enable vsync on direct3d applications). My driver is the most recent from Nvidia's website. Can anyone help?
  2. iss

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    the most recent for what? if your saying the newest detonator driver then that may be your problem.. the latest drivers are geared for the FX series cards. go to the manufactuerers website that makes your card and see what they offer for your particular card. and load that driver.

    for instance gainward list the best driver for the geforce 2 mx series is the 42.30 not the 44.03 which are for the fx series cards.
  3. SNGX1275

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    You might consider stepping back down into the 20s series, I have a GF2MX and had good luck with the 27.50s on a gig athlon, and the 29.42s. I've got a list of 8 different ones I tested and notes on some of them and the 3dmark 2001 scores, those 2 looked best and provided highest scores (note there were higher scores but they didn't look as good, those 2 were the best for my system).

    I think maybe you just are trying the wrong range of drivers.
  4. Jamin686

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    Hi. I tried all of the drivers you mentioned, and then some, but it still didn't fix the problem. Could it be a problem deeper than drivers? I don't know what else to do. The tearing was also a problem with my old video card, so I think it has to be something deeper, but what it is, I don't know.
  5. iss

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    Do you have the latest mobo drivers installed for your mobo?

    if it is a via chipset then the latest drivers are the 4.48 hyperion drivers.
  6. Nic

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    I have a similar problem with my GeForce 2 Ti, but I only get mild 'tearing', and not just with games, but also on my desktop.

    I discovered that my problem was due to my mainboard, a cheap Jetway 633ASPro with Athlon 1.3GHz fitted. My card behaves perfectly in an nForce2 mainboard, thus making me suspect my other 'cheap' Jetway.

    Don't know if that helps any, but it does show that you can't always point the finger at drivers and graphics cards, as other components may also play a part.
  7. Jamin686

    Jamin686 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nic, that's like, exactly what my problem is (with the tearing). How can I find out what kind of motherboard i have though? If it turns out that the only way I can fix it is by replacing it, I might as well forget about it, I should probably get a new computer anyway.
  8. Nic

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    I just put up with the tearing as I've had to live with it for the last 3 years.

    I've been through several bios upgrades, via service packs and various driver updates, but the tearing is still there. There isn't much you can do to solve it, other than by buying a new mainboard.

    I think the tearing may be due to poor component layout on the mainboard, which may be causing signal degradation on your display.

    This is one good reason why its never a good idea to compromise on your mainboard, which is the most important part of any system.

    The best way to find out which make/model mainboard you have is to open up your PC case and look for any labeling on the mainboard. This is the only reliable way to be certain of what you have.
  9. iss

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    if yuo are uncomfortable opening your case or cant find the info you need on the board try this free utility which will identify the make model and manufacturer of your mainboard.

  10. Nic

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    That's a very handy tool (iss). Thanks for posting a link - I've just downloaded it to give it a spin myself.:)
  11. iss

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    Aida 32 is one of the best info utilities I have found. the enterprise version ( which is free for personal use) lists not only your hardware but will also give you a list of your software licenses which you can copy and store.

    the version without the installer can be burned to a disk or put on a pen drive and be run directly from the disk or the pen drive without installing on the machine.
  12. DLx/P

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    iss....thanks for that link as well!!! Best I think I have ever seen. This program tells you almost everything you would want to know. Does it also tell you exactly what type of memory you are running?

    (Had some bad experience buying the wrong type of memory in the past!!)
  13. iss

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    yes it will look under the motherboard/SPD there it will tell you the maunfacturer, serial number, module size, module type, spped etc. everything you might want to know about the ram you are running.
  14. DLx/P

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