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I know this must have been said many times but here goes... do you guys (TechSpot team) here consider doing some specific benchmarks for mobile phones?

I am just going to be frank here. I joined TechSpot roughly 15 years ago because one of you guys helped me with "thermal gel" issue on my pentium 4 PC ages ago. I was quite active in the forums too until about 7-8 years ago when the forums quiet down a bit. Still, I visit your site daily because you guys offered nice news but most importantly, you guys did an outstanding job with CPU/GPU benchmarks.

So much so that when I'm buying a GPU, I don't even have to look at other sites. You guys present a benchmark in a single page with a clear and unbiased conclusion, that I don't have to look for second thoughts, especially from other websites with ancient website style and so many pages to click to.

Anyway, I figured since you guys have all the expertise and probably the tools too to benchmark many things, why not do a specific (performance) benchmark test or reviews for mobile phones? I mean you guys could even properly benchmark LED monitors now, and yesterday you guys even benchmark an electric car?

For example, I am suggesting once in a while it would be nice to have you guys do androbench benchmark on some of the latest Android phone storage (UFS). Not only it shows crazy difference between flagships and entry level phone, it's also very rare for sites to do a storage benchmark for Android phones because people care too much about the SoC that they forgot 4K random write/read speed matters. it's like having the latest Ryzen 5000 series paired with old entry level SATA SSD. when you get the phone for the first time it doesn't matter, but once texts, emails, photos, apps and whatsapp messages pile up it's only a matter of time before UFS speed really shines.

Or how about wifi (iperf) benchmarks on those phones. you'll be surprised at how slow some phones wifi are, especially those without MIMO antenna built into them. this also holds true for laptop. you'd be surprised that a 2012 laptop with celeron cpu is packed with much-faster wifi card than my 2018 work laptop with 8th gen i7.

Like I said before, I love your "last-gen flagship" posts but some benchmark would be nice, especially those that other sites neglected to mention. while everyone is busy comparing antutu scores and camera scores on ***mark, I'd skip those craps and head straight into the more technical aspects like storage and wifi speed where it really matters in real world.

Anyway that's all from me. I know this is a PC-enthusiast site so mobile phones aren't really the hottest thing in diner but... why not?

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the feedback and nice comments :) Welcome back, too.

To be completely honest, this is an area we are not considering to cover at this time. For a while we did phone reviews but we've stopped doing that for the most part. We still have our phone buying guide which you mentioned, but these are less focused on performance and more oriented towards build quality, value and so forth.

For general phone reviews, I also personally think there are a few YouTube reviewers that do an incredible job there.