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By Maikeru
Sep 11, 2007
  1. My thoughts regarding the recent AMD Barcelona launch. Feel free to flame me if you wish, just as long as you do it nicely. :)

    As Intel seems to get all of the good press regarding both desktop and server CPUs these days, AMD threw an official Barcelona shindig last night in San Francisco, Calif. The event, which took place at two buildings in the San Francisco Presidio District, focused on Barcelona, AMD's first quad-core server processor.

    Although I was unable to attend the event due to prior personal engagements, several friends and colleagues who made it to the Letterman Digital Arts Center told me that it was an absolute blast.

    Along with it being a rather interesting event, the official unveiling of Barcelona most likely helped give AMD a nice morale boost the company desperately needs. Even though early benchmarks indicate the numbers are a bit unimpressive, a 2.5GHz version is definitely in the works.

    Numerous hardware vendor executives were present to discuss the great things AMD is doing while carefully avoiding any direct pokes at Intel. Sun Microsystems showed a 2U 16-core AMD Barcelona server - the company last week unveiled a 16-core Intel Tigerton version.

    Pricing of the products? Ars Technica has the scoop!

    During an event at the Westin S.F. hotel earlier in the day, AMD officials were on-hand to discuss some of the company's plans for the future.

    AMD CEO Hector Ruiz unexpectedly stopped by to visit with everyone in the room - much to the delight of the handful of selected bloggers present. He took the time to answer a couple of questions from the bloggers/journalist present, though it appeared everyone in the room was hesitant to ask him the hard questions.

    Speaking about AMD marketing, or lack there of, Ruiz admitted that AMD has a bit of work to do in that department - especially compared to Intel.

    No one thinking logically expects AMD to suddenly take back major ground on Intel, but the unveiling of Barcelona is a step in the right direction. Considering I own both AMD and Intel processors, I just want the companies to compete fairly with one another.

    Here are some assorted links for your enjoyment:

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    Michael Hatamoto
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