Terminal Services snap-in problem/query

By mwcomp
Oct 3, 2003
  1. I use the terminal services snap-in in XP Pro (SP1) at home to connect to my work server, specifically for administration purposes. While generally, it works fairly well, there is no method for uploading/downloading files. For that I used to map a drive letter to it from Windows Explorer. This method, however, is cumbersome to say the least. Additionally, more recently, I keep getting the message when mapping a drive letter of "Server not found", and yet, when I go to a friends computer (which also has the terminal services snap-in installed), mapping is not a problem.

    I therefore have the following questions:

    1) Is there some other software that will do both jobs, ie, running the server remotely AND with the ability to "switch modes" so I can upload/download as well.

    2) I started having the problem of mapping a drive letter to the office server when I changed from broadband cable to ADSL. I moved house and broadband cable was not available in the area, so I had to settle for the slower ADSL.

    3) I can also log in to the office server using VPN, so it's only the mapping of a drive letter that doesn't work.

    4) What is VPN used for? As I said, I can log into the office server, but once logged in what facilities do you have via VPN?

    5) If ADSL is the culprit in the failing of mapping of a drive letter, what network settings could it have changed to cause this to happen, taking into consideration that terminal services and VPN work perfectly?

    Any input to any of the above would be more than welcome. You don't have to answer all five points, although I am hoping that the total number of replies I get will answer them all.

    PS I have since found that XP's Remote Desktop actually works better than Terminal Services, although there still appears to be no way of uploading/downloading files. So let the suggestions flow....
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