Tesla's 'Summon' Autopilot feature will soon let you control your vehicle 'like a big...


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Tesla has been promising improvements to its Autopilot technology for quite some time now, and it seems the company will soon deliver - partially. According to tweets published by company CEO Elon Musk on Thursday, Tesla's "advanced Summon" technology will be arriving in around six weeks.

This tech will come in the form of an over-the-air software update so there won't be any need for customers with Autopilot-equipped vehicles to visit their local service center for hardware changes. According to Musk, advanced Summon will let your car drive to your phone's location and "follow you like a pet" if you hold down the Summon button.

Furthermore, the billionaire wants to make it possible to control your vehicle like an RC car from a distance. He says this feature will only work while you're within line of sight of your vehicle, but he explained that this was merely a safety mechanism, and the feature could theoretically work from any distance.

Advanced Summon capabilities like the examples Musk has laid out on Twitter certainly sound appealing, but we would advise Tesla owners not to get their hopes up for a quick rollout of this feature. A six week release time frame may be possible, but Musk and Tesla at large have a bit of a track record when it comes to missing deadlines.

Regardless, we'll keep you in the loop as the technology advances over the coming months. For now, what do you think of Musk's plans for Summon and Autopilot? Let us know in the comments.

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the billionaire wants to make it possible to control your vehicle like an RC car from a distance.
Oh please, this is very poor in both manners and writing, referring to a person by his financial status, unless you use words like tycoon, which is way more neutral.

Uncle Al

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Wouldn't it be nice if they would just concentrate on building a reliable, economical, decent car with above average range and quit all this dynamic garbage every other announcement? I'm starting to seriously think that Musk is trying to compete with Trump!