Thanks For Help In Resolving A Slow Computer

By bazinbrum
Jan 16, 2005
  1. Hi all, Just a quick note to say thanks.

    I recently had diskdrive problems, and decided to replace it with a new 200Gb Maxtor drive, all went well, and although the system worked it was terribly slow.

    A trawl though Google found some tips on your pages, and on reading up some similar threads on this site, I traced the problem.

    It transpired that the “Current Transfer Mode” for the new disk had re-set to PIO, even though I had set it to “DMA if available”.

    Later on I realised how this had occurred, as I hade made a “Ghost” image of the old operating system just prior to changing the disk over, and with the disk problems I was suffering, the setting must have entered the slowest (pio)mode of access, restoring the "Ghost" image set the "pio" as current.

    Thanks again to various posters providing pointers to potential problems.

    My only remaining problem now is try & sort out a problem caused by partition magic, which I used to try & concatenate two adjacent partitions.

    Upon re-booting I got the “autochk program not found. skipping autocheck” warning although its not stopping me from using the system, so I will do some more investigations on these pages, as I have seen some tips about those problems.

    Cheers all, Bazinbrum
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