Thats what happens when u date a stalker

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Feb 22, 2008
  1. A sketchy ex recently used my computer and I believe they may have connected their network to mine. My Mcafee was disabled and in place was put spydoctor which i took off and reinstalled mcafee again. My network manager also says that my computer is connected to a network that is not trusted.
    A recent scan blocked the following program: UStorSrv.exe through C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ (oti content service) and when i checked the out bound log it showed he was trying to access the internet several times over the past couple days but was!!! am i over reacting here or is what i think going on happening here?

    Also application layer gateway service is active in my traffic so i removed it from my programs

    what should a girl like me do? yikes
  2. kimsland

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    System Restore to when your Ex didn't have it.

    If you're still very concerned after that, then run this:
    Viruses/Spyware/Malware, preliminary removal instructions
    You never know, you could have keyloggers or Remote access enabled, doing the above should clean it out. (scans take a while but not days)
  3. Nodsu

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    Depending on how skilled the intruder was, the only sure method is to wipe the computer clean and reinstall the OS.

    I wouldn't take any chances. Make a backup of all your important data and reinstall Windows. Your computer may have some "resore to factory settings" procedure using a special CD or something similar. Or, you can ask a (trusted) friend or a computer repair shop to do it for you.
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  5. Bobbye

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    ustorsrv.exe is a process associated with certain encryption enabled USB storage devices- Comes with USB Mass Storage device.. Unless you yourself added this for a flash drive, remove it. Look in Services and see if it's is running there. If it is, Disable the Startup mode and Stop the Service.

    NOTE: you may need to use msconfig to uncheck entry if on Startup menu. You may not be able to disable it if it's running in the background.

    From asnwersthatwork Task List:
    "Application Layer Gateway service found only on Windows XP/2003. ALG is an integral part of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) in Windows XP/2003 – in simple terms, your Windows XP/2003 Firewall uses ALG. Microsoft’s description : “Provides support for 3rd Party protocol plug-ins for ICS and ICF”.

    Recommendation :
    "If you use the Windows XP/2003 Firewall, you must have ALG running. If you use a 3rd Party firewall, or if you have disabled your Windows XP/2003 firewall because you are on an already firewalled internal corporate network, for example, then set the Startup Mode of this service to Manual ."
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Use a third-party firewall like the excellent ZoneAlarm free firewall. It makes sure that nothing accesses the net from your computer or vice-versa unless you expressly allow it to. In addition, use a better AV program like NOD32 or Kaspersky. McAfee is good, but not among the best.
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