The answer to Life, The Universe & Everything

By RustyZip
Aug 24, 2002
  1. Have you ever wondered whats it all about....
    The Mind? The Soul? Reincarnation? Poltergeists? The Gospel of Thomas as Q? Utopia?UFO's? Life? Existence?

    Why are we here?

    What are we to do?

    If your curious then you have to look at this:-

    90% of what this bloke says (who incidentally isn't a crackpot, he's a well known scientist with a very large IQ) is true, the other 10% i have no evidence either way

    I've never revealed this before to anyone (expect a small few), for fearing of being ridiculed but i have also experienced the "Illumination of Fire" like Dr H.

    If you take the time to read ALL his words you will gain an insight to the mysteries of life, the Universe & everything...And believe me you'll be a much happier, care free & wiser person...

    This isn't religious guff, just spiritual...

    The word is spreading, and its gaining momentum...

    P.S. No, i'm not pissed... Read it, try it, and see for yourself...

    Quote - "Some old farts are smart" by A.A. Aartron
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