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Apr 6, 2004
  1. The information is a bit easier & more streamlined on the Opteron side, so we'll start there.

    Opteron is AMD's 8th generation CPU (K8) aimed at server & high-end workstations. The Opteron CPUs require registered Ram & can use any JEDEC approved DDR Ram from PC1600 to PC3200. Offcially, PC3200 Ram is only supported from x46 & up. The support mention only means that you get technical support from AMD for registered PC3200 Ram from the x46 series & up only. That does not mean Registered PC3200 Ram will not work on CPUs below x46, you simply won't get support from AMD if you decide to go ahead with that setup. The Ram validation process might not mean much to end user but for servers & professional workstations, it is very important.

    The current Opterons are based of the Sledgehammer core which boasts 128k of L1 & 1024k of L2 caches. They all use the Socket-940 interface, the DualChannel integrated memory controller, 3 Hypertransport links ( two for inter-CPU data exchange, the last one being used to connect to the rest of the system ) & use a P4 like IHS ( integrated heat spreader ). All retail Opterons come with a HSF.

    Opteron 1xx for Single CPU systems

    140 : 1.4GHZ
    142 : 1.6GHZ
    144 : 1.8GHZ
    146 : 2.0GHZ
    148 : 2.2GHZ
    150 : 2.4GHZ

    Opteron 2xx for Dual CPU systems

    240 : 1.4GHZ
    242 : 1.6GHZ
    244 : 1.8GHZ
    246 : 2.0GHZ
    248 : 2.2GHZ
    250 : 2.4GHZ

    Opteron 4xx for 4-Way & 8-Way CPU systems

    840 : 1.4GHZ
    842 : 1.6GHZ
    844 : 1.8GHZ
    846 : 2.0GHZ
    848 : 2.2GHZ
    850 : 2.4GHZ


    Retail Package


    CPU Mugshot


    There are also low speed, low power parts to be released, I'll post more info on them as they become available.

    Do not post in this topic if you do not have any valid information. This is not the place for flames & such.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    4- and 8-way Opterons are 840 - 848
  3. Didou

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    Exclusive pics of Artic Silver on an Athlon64 :D


    Thx to Arris for the pic ( Original Link )
  4. Didou

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    Taken from ->


    Click on image for full size picture.
  5. Arris

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    ThermalRight recommended application :D
  6. Didou

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    This chip is basiclly a renamed Opteron. It has the exact same specifications ( 128K of L1, 1MB of L2, 3 HT links, Socket-940 ).

    Just like the Opteron, it requires registered Ram modules. A new revision on the Socket-939 form factor will be released soon & will not require registered Ram.

    The only difference with the Opteron is that it's not SMP capable. So it's really an Opteron 1xx with a different name. An Opteron 1xx will work on an Athlon64-FX motherboard & an Athlon64-FX will work on an Opteron 1xx motherboard. You can even put two Athlon64-FX chips on a SMP motherboard but only one CPU will be enabled.

    Many people believe AMD released this chip for OEMs who wanted a DualChannel part since the P4 was allready running on a DualChannel capable platform ( i865/i875 ). Once again, people will always think more is better so DualChannel must surely be better then SingleChannel, right ? [​IMG]

    The current socket shuffling from AMD clearly shows it wasn't really planned.

    Athlon64-FX 51 : 2.2GHZ
    Athlon64-FX 53 : 2.4GHZ

    Retail Package ( Athlon64-FX 51 )


    CPU Mugshot ( Athlon64-FX 53 )

  7. Moimit

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    i would like to have the prices of the very nice and powerful chips decrease in price. they are just not cost effective, and will the 90m process increase heat?. smaller die it looks like a P3. they rocked. 64bit would be very nice to upgrade to but the main problem being i have to change my memory, my motherboard, and a chip. does it still use the same form factor?. temperature is a real killer. will the stock HSF be enough?.
  8. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    840 : 1.4GHZ
    842 : 1.6GHZ
    844 : 1.8GHZ
    846 : 2.0GHZ
    848 : 2.2GHZ

    There is also an 850 which runs at 2.4Ghz
  9. Didou

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    Those were allready listed in the 1st post Th3M1ghtyD8 ( except for the 850 which was announced a bit later then 150 & 250 & I shall add it now ).

    & as for the 0.09 Opterons/Athlons, nothing is sure yet. They've allready annouced the Athlon64-FX 55 with a power consumption of 104w ( almost exactly like the Prescott ). The only difference is AMD announces the power consumption for the whole batch of CPUs so 104w is the power consumption figure for the fastest running 0.09 Athlon64 ( unknown speed at this time ).

    BTW the Asus A8V ( Socket-939 ) is allready for sale & Socket-939 Athlons should be announced by the end of this month.[​IMG]
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