The Best 1440p Gaming Monitors: Early 2022


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I bought the 27" Gigabyte M27Q TS recommended. I came from an old 24" 1080p 60Hz monitor that only had a VGA connector. Switching to 170Hz from 60Hz was huge, as someone that used to play a lot of Counter-Strike, high refresh rate was the main thing I wanted and I was not disappointed. I wasn't so impressed with the overall sharpness of a 1440p resolution, I guess a slightly bigger screen negated higher resolution. One thing that I noticed is that text in some places looks blurry and has sort of a red outline. I ran ClearType but it seems it doesn't affect text in 3rd party programs. Thought either the monitor or the cable was defective. It's only recently I found it uses GBR instead of RGB which explains the issue. Somehow I skipped that part when watching the review. It's not a big deal, so far I've had only a web browser that shows blurry text in inactive tabs. Other than that it's an overall great monitor. High refresh rate trumps higher resolution in my opinion and I would recommend that feature to anyone.


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Really looking forward to your review of the AOC Agon HDR screen. The 1440p plus HDR and high regresh combo sounds really interesting if the price is right.


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Prices for monitors are becoming more absurd every day.
It makes even more sense to buy an OLED TV now, like I did 2 years ago, and use that as a monitor.


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You say S2721dgf has terrible contrast ratio, while you top 1440p MSI choice is only slightly better in terms of contrast 1000:1 vs 1050-1100:1. It’s quite inconsistent to praise monitor with similar ips panel while criticizing the other with both in the same class. Don’t forget about worse QC of msi compared to dell monitors.


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A slight mistake in the description, the MSI MAG274QRF-QD is a 165Hz monitor, *not* 144!

I bought one at the beginning of 2021 and I've never been so happy with my purchase! Allows using my GTX 1080 to its fullest performance and is way cheaper than a new graphics card, which would be a waste on a 60Hz screen, so. Games are so smooth with a HRR monitor, and this one has wide gamut for creation content AND they added a sRGB clamp mode! YEAH! What else could you desire?

Excellent all-rounder.

EDIT: contrast ratio is decent for an IPS panel, almost 1100 on my sample, and for trained eyes, the difference is noticeable.