The Best 4K Gaming Monitors: Early 2022


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So, basically, every single 4K monitor in 2022, is still severely compromised in at least one area, no matter how much you spend.

Thought so, I'll soldier on with my 2019 era 27in 4K LG 850UK for the time being, until the monitor manufacturers finally get their act together when it comes to the real deal.

Not going to drop (at least) $650 for panels that are only marginally better than what I've got.



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I use 2 M28Us so I'm happy to see it is still considered a top pick. Aside from tuning the saturation down a little these screens have pretty much been flawless for my purposes.

Though I mostly use them with a 3080TI, plugging my 3060 laptop into a Thunderbolt 4 dock and instantly getting 144Hz G-Sync at up to 4K through the USB input ports on these monitors, while at the same time activating external mouse/keyboard/LAN/sound, I sort of feel like I'm living in the future.
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Squid Surprise

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I don't need anything above my Dell 32" 4K monitor from 7 years ago is perfectly fine... I connect to my 65" Sony OLED when I want to watch movies - and I suppose I could use it for high refresh gaming if I ever decided to...


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I went with a viewsonic elite 27" 2k IPS. 4k is still taxing on games (at max settings, which I want) unless you're dropping 3k on RTX's and thats not gonna happen with all the douchebag crypto miners trying to snatch easy $


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I'm using the LG38GN950-B that one is very near to 4k Because its ultrawide, is that the reason why it aint in the list ? because this is a very good monitor for gaming with full hdr.
The 4K HDR 600 DP 1.4a HDMI 2.1 32" MSI Optix MPG321UR-QD is truly brilliant. Using it with a 12gb 3080 (MSI Suprim X) the adaptive sync and using P3 or sRGB it is the perfect monitor for all applications. The recent firmware update providing Premium Color and installing the color gamut profile is most impressive.

In the OSD menu you can turn the RGB off, so eventually after turning all the RGB off in my PC, just having this is great for gaming and movies. Definitely get more hit rego in games like COD and BF2042 now with the lack of lag. Anyway, colours are beauty and nothing to complain about. very rare for me...