the best media player/manager (iTunes, WMP, iRiver Plus, etc)

By lamensterms
Oct 11, 2006
  1. hey team,
    ive been using iRiver Plus to manage my mp3s on my computer and to connect to my iRiver. Before that i had an iPod and was using iTunes.

    what ive been wondering is...what is the best software for this type of thing? so far i would say iTunes is the best, windows media player is good, but not exactly stable, iRiver Plus is ok..easy but very limited features.

    im looking for something new that will manage my mp3s, rip and burn cds, and that i can connect to my mp3 player(hopefully usable with most brand mp3 players).

    also...what category do these programs fall into? what are they called? just so i can research them some more.

    look forward to getting some opinions.

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