the device is reserved by another application?? Can't BURN!!

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May 24, 2005
  1. I have a plextor 504A DVD+R/RW drive and I just picked up Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 for my PC. When I tried to put a DVD+R disc in the drive to back up data files, I get the message that is the title of my post. I looked for Drag-To-Disc and was sure that it wasn't running in the background. The firmware for my drive is updated, and I have automatic updates set up for XP SP2 so there shouldn't be a optical drive driver issue. Anyone else have any other ideas? I did just install Acronis True Image, but this is the first time I"ve used Roxio too. I've scoured the web for an answer but can't find any. Suggestions would, as always, be greatly appreciated.
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    Turn off the WIndows builtin CD writing thing (disable the service). Have you used or do you have any other CD writing software? Try uninstalling True Image just in case too.
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    Wondering if this solved the issue for the original poster. I have the exact same issue, but with the Plextor PX-716A. Disabled IMAPI as suggested, to no avail. Also removed all other CD/DVD burning software from my machine. Any more ideas?
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    Try a search at Micrsoft concerning" upper and lower filters" it requies registry adjustments.Also make sure if you did have other authoring software you completely remove all traces by using the 'find ' tool under Edit in Regedit.
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    any solution yet?

    I have the same problem, except Roxio says both my NEC ND3530A DVD-RW drive and my LITEON LTD163 DVD-ROM drive are "reserved by another application". It used to work just fine, now it doesn't.
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