The disk in drive A is not formatted,do you want to format it now?.

By osckar
Jan 15, 2005
  1. Everytime i insert a diskette into drive A, i got a message"the disk in drive A is not formatted,do you want to format it now?. I copy some files from other computer to a diskette, and copy those files to my document in my computer,it worked. After making some changes to the files in my computer, i save it back to the original diskette, but i can't access the saved data on other computer.I got the above message, then i tried it on my computer, i got the same message as well.I change the floppy disk drive, i still got the same problem.This problem occured only after i brought my computer for a virus cleaning to a computer shop, before it was alright. I am confused. Could anyone help. Thank's very much. :confused:
  2. silver threads

    silver threads TS Rookie

    I have had this problem also and have never found a way around it. It can mean that data is impossible to recover and is a pain. If someone out there can enlighten us that would be great.

    In the past I found that floppies formatted in IBM computers could not be read in other computers, but if the floppy was formatted on a non IBM computer it could be read on the IBM one. I have no idea why this happened but would also be interested to read others comments. Although most computers no longer have floppy drives, and my laptop doesn't, I do have an external FDD which I use regularly as I find it quicker than burning CDs.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    Check in the BIOS. Some have a setting for a special Japanese format 3.5" floppies, which is not compatible with our (western) standards of 720KB/1.44MB
    Perhaps your BIOS has this option set to On or Yes or whatever?
  4. lordx

    lordx TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Try also diferent floppy brands
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