The dreaded "Blue Screen"

By Maurice
Sep 7, 2003
  1. I know that you are all familiar with this phrase, blue screen, in fact, I would be most surprised if there ARE anyone there who hasn't experienced know, how you get the luxury of roughly 1.5 seconds to read it, well it happened to me this afternoon [Sunday] I had just d/loaded a simple game, about 3Mb, had the game banner on-screen, about to play when......well you all know.
    I got all the bumph "your computer has just recovered from" blah blah blah,"send report/don't send" I sent, & was eventually sent to a website where the incident was "anyalised",now it didn't do that on a couple of previous occasions, is this a new ploy by lovely M/Soft to make us think that they are thinking of our welfare [huh!] or do you think it happened [the crash] because I now have Anti-Virus, & didn't before?
    You all know me by now [and how] & know how things that you deal with without a ripple, tend to make me paanoid, NOW, I don't know which is worse; M/Soft "showing the flag", or the disadvantages that having Anti-Virus seem sometimes seem to outway the advantages [delays at start up, & getting connected to O/Express, while it "vets" everything, you'll no doubt tell me that this has to be expected, but I still think that A.V., is interfering with my loading games discs.
    Anyway thanks for listening, glad TS is there to listen to my "beefs"
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I think you can control how Windows® recovers from serious features after bsod. It's in Control Panel - System - somewhere there, called error reporting. There's also a setting what to do when bsod happens, you could uncheck "automatically reboot" so that you'd have time to read the gibberish.
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