The Epic Games Store is giving away Assassin's Creed: Syndicate this week


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AC: Syndicate is certainly an improvement over the much-maligned AC: Unity. And while it pales in comparison to Origins and Odyssey, exploring Victorian London can be fun, as you lead your gang and fight to grow your influence.

Syndicate is $29.99 on Steam, where it has a ‘Very Positive’ rating, so it’s definitely worth grabbing from the Epic Games Store if you’ve never played it before.

The other free title this week is Faeria, which is described as having “a unique living board” and being "the only card game where you can gain all 300 cards in less than 50 hours." It also has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam, where it’s $24.99, meaning you can save yourself $55 if you download both games from Epic.

While free game giveaways tend to include some less than stellar offerings, there have been plenty of quality titles handed out by Epic. You can download Kingdom: Come Deliverance for nothing up until February 20. The open-world RPG was one of our previous Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing), thanks to its great story and atmosphere.

Last month we learned that the Epic Games Store had attracted 108 million users within its first year. They spent $680 million over the course of 2019, $251 million of which was dedicated to third-party PC games. The company gave away 73 free titles totaling $1,455 in value that were claimed more than 200 million times.

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This came "free" with my video card I bought 5 years ago, so no thanks. Of course, I'm forced to have an account and yet another gaming client "uPlay" from ubisoft. It is crazy how you have to keep track of which games on are which client. I wouldn't doubt they are using this confusion so you forget what games you already have and buy the same game twice.

Not to mention these clients installing as a freaking SERVICE that runs all the time, which chews up more memory and makes boot times longer. There is NO reason they need to run as a service! Stop making more things run in my memory and slowing my computer down!! Who knows what they feel like they want access to on my computer 24/7. If you must need a freaking client, make it only launch when I actually launch the game and then close out. So invasive.

For those of you not in the know: Go to your Start menu and type "msconfig". You can easily disable this crap. It's not something we should have to do.
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