The European Commission wants to mandate USB Type-C on all new mobile devices


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In context: Since 2009, the European Commission has been pushing for a common charging solution for mobile devices. Over the past decade, this has reduced the amount of charging standards from over 30 to just three. After imposing new rules on common chargers in 2020, the Commission is now forging ahead with a proposal to mandate USB Type-C as the standard charging connector on all mobile devices.

Last year, the European Commission introduced new regulation that made it mandatory for device manufacturers to adopt a common standard for wired and wireless chargers sold in the region. The move was a big win for consumers and is expected to reduce environmental waste over time, but regulators aren't stopping there.

Today, the Commission revealed a new proposal for a revised Radio Equipment Directive that would deal with the other end of the cable -- the charging and data transfer port on billions of mobile devices like phones, tablets, cameras, handheld consoles, portable speakers, and more. As you'd expect, regulators want all manufacturers to adopt USB Type-C, which has already happened organically to some degree.

The most obvious holdout in this matter is Apple, who continues to sell iPhones equipped with a Lightning port as opposed to USB Type-C. The company did put a USB Type-C port on its iPad and Mac products, but accessories like AirPods and AirPods Pro still use a Lightning connector. Even so, the company was content to omit the charger from the box with new iPhones, and manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi are already copying this behavior.

If the revised legislation is adopted, companies will have 24 months to comply. EU Commissioner Thierry Breton explained in a statement the proposal doesn't cover wireless chargers, as there is "plenty of room for innovation in wireless." Regulators hope to eventually achieve full interoperability on both sides of the cable, which would be a boon for consumers.

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I'm pretty sure that if they were intending on doing so, they would've with this last batch. They've been talking about this mandate for a while now.

And the best part? iPads already have them! Just Apple being too stubborn so the EU feels the need to try forcing them....


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Due to Brexit, the UK will not follow through with any EU mandates! The UK will settle on Micro USB, or even USB Type B(rexit). The UK will introduce this new standard along with the recent decision to re-use the Imperial system of measure.


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I heard on a radio this morning Apple was opposing this - as would stifle innovation .
What a load of baloney - a std interface will encourage people to design more things for it.
I know stuff all about USB C - but - it's probably close to max the voltage you want from it for safety reasons - considering devices are becoming more energy efficient . It can handle a lot of data and lines .
Really the innovation is about fully using it and devices .

Apple has always tried to control access to it's machines.
One of the reasons I when with MS - I could attach nearly any printer, device etc - sure there are some devices that needed PCI cards and non-std cables - but you could do it.
On my Mac is so much safer - yeah so is a bike with training wheels not allowed on the highway


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Since USB 3.0 connectors can't be put in "upside down", that would save imbeciles of all persuasions thousands of hours they could waste, running their yaps on their phones, while managing to say nothing.

Think of all the glorious crotch photos, heretofore missed because of dead batteries, flooding the 5G airways, because people couldn't figure out how to plug in their chargers, For some males of the species, this will be "monumental". But for others, perhaps not so much.:facepalm:

I say "USB 3.0 alone for the great unwashed masses". So it is written, so shall it be done.