The fan making loud noises after cleaning

By rojcherian
Aug 27, 2007
  1. Couple of days ago i got myself one of those compressed air can sprays and cleaned my computer.........since that the fan for the motherboard and all is very loud...and at the hint of the slightest stress on the computer it goes before opening photo shop or a game the fan didn't go all crazy...but now doing anything the fan sounds like its going on high speed....and a game which played with no problem before the its kinda slow when i play it...especially when the graphics get a little intense (smoke, fat movement, etc)....i don't have a clue if its my video card or motherboard....please help me....and the computer is a Dell Dimension 9150...had no problems with it till now
  2. Tedster

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    if you sprayed it without holding the fins down while it was off or worse sprayed it while it was running you could have ruined the bearings. Buy a new fan. muffin fans are cheap.

    I would also test your power supply.
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