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Feb 5, 2004
  1. Man, this is probably the slowest task I have ever taken in my life: trying to build a new PC.

    I have gathered two final versions. Tell me what you think if you will...

    Final Version 1:
    (Snowmann's version) Recommended by Snowmann
    Item Numbers on
    N82E16835109011;N82E16835999110; N82E16822144118;N82E16813127166; N82E16817103920;N82E16819103379

    I know it is missing Case, RAM, Video Card, and CD RW; I have no freaking idea. More I ask people, more I get confused. That is especially true with RAM. By the way, Video card has been decided: it is Sapphire ATI 7500 whether I like it or not. I have to go with it whether I like it or not. So, no Comment on Video Card please...

    Final Version 2:
    (Jim Shaddy's version)
    Item Numbers on
    and the fans/cooler/sinker

    This one too is missing Ram, Case, and CD RW. Video card is no longer relevant.

    For the case, the selections are:
    (I like the clear ones or the window ones.),case&searchdepa=1&page=2&listStyle=2

  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Ok, my first recommendation is this... Don't list part numbers. You are making us do the work that you should do. If you want people's opinions, make it easy for them and they will give you more than you want. Here is an example of how it should be posted:

    Snowmann's Version:
    Thermalright ''SLK900A''Copper Heatsink for AMD 2800+
    Thermaltake 80mm Smart Fan,Variable fan Speed Controlled by Temperature
    Western Digital Special Edition 120GB 7200RPM IDE
    ABIT nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard
    Antec P4 ATX12V 450 Watt Power Supply With 2 Fans
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton", 333 FSB, 512K Cache

    missing Case, RAM, Video Card (already purchased), and CD RW

    Price roughly $400

    Jim Shaddy's Version:
    Thermalright CPU Cooler for AMD 2800+
    Seagate 120GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
    ABIT nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard
    PowMax 500W Blue Power supply
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton", 333 FSB, 512K Cache
    Thermalright SP-97 - Socket A
    Blue Quad UV LED 80mm Fan

    missing Ram, Case, and CD RW. Video card (already purchased)

    Price roughly $530

    My opinion, is there isn't much of a choice. The more expensive one will be better. The Barton is a good choice, the MoBo is a good choice (I don't like the brand, but some friends I have stand behind them...), power supply is adequete, HDD (if you've got the money for SATA, go for it! Be aware that this is only first generation of SATA at 150 Mbps.) The case is always the choice of the buyer.

    Memory information: You will have to buy at lease PC 3200. My recommendation is to go with something the MoBo manufacturer has tested, or go with a well known brand (Kingston, OCZ, etc.) You might pay a bit more for it, but will come out ahead in the long run. Also, check the price for the PC 4000, and up. See where the price break is. Usually, you can purchase the next step up for a few bucks.

    CDRW: They are a dime a dozen, go cheap or expensive doesn't make much of a difference. Expensive will probably last longer. Cheap: you can probably buy two for the price of an expensive one and it will last half the time.

    All in all, I think you have a good system. I will include my specs and let you know that I am very happy with them...

    Shuttle AN35N NForce2 Ultra 400
    Barton 2500+ 333 FSB
    2x 512 Kingston Value Ram Cas 2.5
    GeForce 2 Ti 4200
    Enermax 400 Watt
    Yamaha 40/40/48 8MB buffer (burns full cd in about 5 minutes)
    Toshiba 8x DVD
    Maxtor 40 GB IDE 133 (can't afford SATA :( )

    Good luck
  3. Investors

    Investors TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    If I don't list the part numbers, the links won't work after a couple of days. And as you can see, some of the links in the Case section do not work. Anyway, thanks for your comment. I will review and respond shortly.
  4. somekid007

    somekid007 TS Rookie Posts: 271

    the cheaper one. sata doesnt give much more performance and with the abit motherboard, it allows you to lock and ide harddrive. the harddrive will only be accesible when the(provided) firewire key is in place. this gives u security when u are travelling, so if someone steals you computer they cannot access your data or the hard drive for that matter, as long as you bring the key with you.
  5. Investors

    Investors TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Thank you, Bug for your feedback. :)
  6. Investors

    Investors TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Somekid007? Could you explain more about what you previously said?

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