The hard disk storage will disappear


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I have an Asus gaming laptop that uses two types of storage (an SSD for the c drive and a hard disk for the rest of the partitions)

The SSD drive is ok and works fine, but some minutes after I turn the laptop on, the hard disk storage will disappear and only the SSD drive work fine



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I have been avoiding HDD in any builds or repairs for quite a long time. It is clear to me that these drives have higher failure rates then the SSD. Since a 1TB SSD has dropped to all time low prices I recommend you replace it with a SSD. You can get the SSD in a 2'5" SATA form factor. My fav. drive is the Samsung EVO for that purpose.

Mark Fuller

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You could try to use a spare replacement hdd to see if it also disappears. If it doesn't, then a replacement would probably be in order. if it does disappear, you are probably in for some serious os troubleshooting. A gaming laptop is a high end complex system with both an ssd and hdd and anytime you increase complexity of a system you increase the chance for component systems failure as well.