The kind of overheating I would appreciate during winter

By badsearcher
Jul 24, 2006
  1. Something that caused a tremendous amount of confusion to me was why my room was so hot, I would open both the door and the window and have my ceiling fan going at full speed but still I had high temperatures, then, what was to me an unlikely culprit was the true cause of my room being so hot (even during the night) and that was my computer. My room would be completely inhabitable and perfect if I didn't run any games, but if I ran my flight simulator or wow, then I would have major heat problems with warm air radiating from my desk (I have my computer situated inside of my desk) and the top of the case would be rather hot to the touch and my room would be significantly warmer than the rooms around my room. What I can tell you is that yesterday I cleaned out my computer internally with an air compressor (got out the dust) to no effect, I got four case fans which I put one on top of the other to create a kind of tower of fans (I don't think it's the most effective arrangement so I will probably change it) to no significant effect, and with all of that said it will probably not surprise any of you when I tell you guys that I have a gigabyte radeon x800 which is cooled by a passive large heat sink. So, I don't care if it's noisy, but I do care if it's expensive, but what can I do so that the case no longer feels like a weak electric stove and I can make my room livable again?
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