The monitor stays black. Why?

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Jul 16, 2006
  1. I have a problem between my computer and my monitor: I'll start the computer, hearing all the usual sounds of the fans, hard drive, etc. but nothing shows up on the screen. I checked to see whether it was the monitor or not by plugging it to a different computer but it works; however, it just doesn't.. work with mine? It used to work great and now I'm having these issues. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Did you experience any crashes before it started doing this?
    I had a similar issue, everything going great, then... nothing. But before I got stuck on the black screen of death, the computer had several hiccups before going down. In my case, it turned out to be faulty RAM, but I don't know if that is the case with yours. See if you can borrow a friends RAM stick and try it.
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    Hmmm.. It wasn't that situation exactly, but I had just gotten this new computer case and transferred everything into this computer. Everything, I'm positive, is connected correctly and all. At first it didn't work then finally we ran the hard drive on a different computer and found 600+ errors which we got fixed; afterwards it began working again. I tried it again after that and it didn't work once again. I don't know why it would be the hard drive again if the errors got repaired?
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    ah thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately, that didn't work either.. It's not that we built a new computer, we just transferred everything from the old computer case to the new one.
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    Do you have a video card in your computer? If you do, hook it into that. Otherwise, I have no idea what the problem could be.
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    ah yes. matter of fact.. i got a new one yesterday thinking that it could be the video card, but it still doesn't work. i would really like to figure out what's wrong without bringing it to the professionals.
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    Help!!! ;)

    ok so my friends comp went dead just like yours ... meaning it still functions sum what and had the monitor black... unfortunately computers can have many many problems causing specific things ...

    1. faulty, damaged, insufficient memory (RAM)
    2. the video card itself could be damaged or burnt out
    3. Mother board problems :
    Motherboards are huge.. there are a lot of spots for problems to go wrong and
    most of them are hard to see with just your eyes...
    a. on the motherboard there are little round barrels that stick out... these control electricity (sort of like a conductor)... if one (or several) are busted this could cause things not to function properly .... some companies make them so when they bust you can identify with eye only but some other manufacturers do not if a conductor is busted you can tell with your eyes or fingers... if the top is sort of cylindrical and NOT FLAT then it is busted ... this would need replacement which cant really be done by a non professional .. remember M boards are very tricky and very touch sensitive and by messing with these counterparts you may further damage your board ...

    anyways it turned out that in my friends case because the conductors on the motherboard were burnt the RAM was not functioning properly which then made the video card stay shut off which lead the monitor to be black.. this could be your case
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    Might be a bit tricky to hook up a monitor with no video card inside.
  11. Tekkaraiden

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    When you swapped cases did they power supply get transferred as well? Does you're video card need extra power? Is the video card seated properly?

    @JustinWill1001 the name of the part you describe is a capacitor.
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